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frequently asked questions

  • If I don't want to do coaching anymore, can I cancel?"
    If you are joining my group coaching program, YES, you can cancel anytime. The 1:1 coaching is non-refundable.
  • What I don't know which coaching program is best for me?
    It's ok if you don't know which coaching program fits you! You can schedule a 10 minute consulation to see which program will best fit your needs based off your business goals.
  • What if I only need a couple of hours of coahcing, how do I do that?"
    You can schedule a 1:1 strategy session with me. You can schedule by the hour. More details are listed under "What We Do."
  • If I purchase the 12 week coaching program, can I join the coaching group too?"
    Yes! All 12 week coaching students will have access to the coaching group during their 12 week program.
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